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Selecting & Implementing HR & Payroll Software: A Practical Guide
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The Serene View: The Irrationalities of Corporate Life: A Constructive Argument

What are the irrationalities of corporate life that you face daily? Why do they persist? Why are they being rationalised in our daily work? How do we get rid of them? Denis and Serene Seng as we discuss the irrationalities of corporate life and how we can deal with them, together with some great war stories!

Making HR Digital in the Post-Pandemic World

Pritul Khagram (of People Force) and Denis Barnard (of HRmeansbusiness) are co-hosting two webinars on the subject of “Making HR Digital – in the post-pandemic world”. Both Pritul and Denis are industry leaders in the areas of HRIS Selection & Implementation. They have both worked with organisations globally supporting the transformational journey when introducing sophisticated people technology such as HR, Payroll, Workforce Management, Learning, Performance & Recruitment systems. In this two-part series, Pritul and Denis provide hot tips on how to manage the selection process and a best practice guide on successful implementations. This webinar focused on the selection process.

This course shares how organisations and specifically HR needs to adopt a new attitude to risk, to become less hierarchical and to embrace new methods of working.

This video series is a general introduction to the increasingly-important area of HR systems.

This video series is a general introduction to the increasingly-important area of HR systems, and will be of value to HR students or practitioners and management who are looking to expand their knowledge of this key part of HR, at the same time benefitting from the experience of Denis W Barnard, a specialist in HR systems for over 25 years.


WFH: Six pillars of effective homeworking

During the current pandemic crisis, business leaders handling the avalanche of government legislation have had another issue on their minds – when this is all over, how many people can I leave working from home? Rob Williams, Denis Barnard and Lisa Ali examine what needs to be in place for people to work from home effectively and safely....

Three fundamental laws of HR Technology

Let’s be brutally honest; 2020 isn’t the year that managements and HR woke up to the fact that we need information. More like 1998 and earlier, so why is it such a big deal now?...

Connecting Automation and HR: A Guide to How HR Management Can Benefit with Automation

The exponential growth of automation in the workforce has resulted in the technology being equally accepted and rejected. While RPA and AI are disrupting internal departments, they are also inviting innovation and the creation of new job roles and responsibilities. ...

How to ensure a successful payroll system implementation

 If there is one game-changing action that payroll professionals can help their employer with, it is in introducing an effective payroll system that not only makes key operational data available to the organisation, but also significantly reduces time-consuming administration activities....

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